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An iconic location is a place so well recognized that it is a symbol of a place or ideal.

For example, a picture of the Statue of Liberty says New York City or freedom. Similarly, in Idlewild the Red Rooster is one of two places where folks frequently take selfies and pictures. The Red Rooster is perhaps the biggest symbol of Idlewild’s reputation as a place where folks enjoy people, music and peace.

The Red Rooster Lounge is a popular gathering spot in Idlewild. That the owners are beloved members of the community partially accounts for its popularity. I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting owner and family patriarch William M. McClure Jr., who passed away a few months ago. However, I’ve been told that his touch helped create the Red Rooster’s cool factor.

On the Red Rooster Facebook page, patrons have described it as “a wonderful place to socialize” and a place with “good service” and “a friendly atmosphere.”

While riding my bike in Idlewild this past Saturday, I passed the Red Rooster and saw my neighbor and several others chatting out front. I waved and kept going but the scene reminded me of Idlewild’s charm. It’s a combination of the people and the place itself.

So the next time you visit Idlewild, take a picture at the Red Rooster!

Note: The attached photo is of Idlewilder, Robert M., sharing Idlewild with his friends.