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A heartfelt thanks to everyone who has liked/followed the Jazzmin House at Idlewild page. I very much appreciate your attention.

I started posting every now and then last August. This January, I got much more serious and now this page is a part of my daily routine. I learn things, laugh about things, and meet many interesting people in unexpected places just because I’m always digging around for information about Idlewild.

I spend a lot of time reading about African American history, including biographies and memoirs
about African Americans. My love of dance and music help spark my fascination with Idlewild’s

So sometimes, I’m dog tired when I write these post. But it’s always fun.
So thanks!


P.S. As you may know, Idlewild’s busy season is about to begin. For Jazzmin House, it started the
first weekend in May. So I look forward to seeing you there!